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The Intoxilyzer 5000 is the current breath-testing machine that is used by the NYPD. This is the machine that is used when a DWI/DUI suspect is taken to the police station and should not be confused with the preliminary breath test (PBT) that may be used at the scene of a drunk driving stop, that are generally not admissible in court. If you have been arrested for Drunk Driving, the Intoxilizer 5000 is your enemy.

The manufacturer of the "Intoxilyzer" is CMI, a Kentucky corporation. Though the Intoxilyzer has the potential to be accurate, it is not infallible. However when police officers testify about this machine at trial, they will state that it comes fright from God himself. When facing this machine, an expert witness is needed to testify on your behalf and show the jury all of the problems that arise when using this machine. Breath testing in general is based upon the principle that there is a direct relationship between the amount of alcohol in a person's deep lung air to amount of alcohol in the person's blood in the aveolar tissue of the lungs. Breath testing equipment is calibrated based upon the assumption that the ratio of alcohol in the air to the alcohol in the blood is 1 to 2100. However, this formula is not the same for everyone and many things can affect a BAC reading.